Pure Viscose Rayon Fabric

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      15 products

      Viscose Rayon Fabric from Fabric Pandit is a super soft fabric manufactured using wood pulp. One of the most versatile fabrics out there, it has a lot in common with cotton. It’s breathable, moisture-absorbent, and a popular choice for casual and athletic wear.


      • What is Rayon Fabric?
      • Rayon fabric is manufactured using purified cellulose obtained from wood pulp. It is also called Viscose Rayon. It is one of the most versatile and popular fabrics out there. Rayon fabric is breathable, moisture absorbent & very comfortable to wear.
      • Is rayon fabric good for summer?
      • Rayon fabric is an amazing fabric for summers. It is a flowy fabric which makes it breathable and an ideal choice for a hot weather.
      • How to use rayon fabric?
      • Rayon is ideally used for kurtis, tunics and tops. It can also be used to make sarees, blouses, stoles and scarves.