Pure Cotton Fabric Material

      215 products

      215 products

      The evergreen cotton fabric by Fabric Pandit is all you need for your upcoming dress. Explore the wide range of cotton variants with us. This soft, versatile, durable and comparatively affordable piece of cloth is what a designer considers to be their first choice. The application of this fabric is not limited to clothing but also serves the category of bathrobes, towels, bedsheets, blanket, cushion cover and much more.


      • What is Cotton Fabric?
      • Cotton is made from the natural fibers of cotton plants, which are from the genus Gossypium. It is soft, breathable, durable, versatile, and low maintenance.
      • Is cotton fabric good for hot weather?
      • Yes, cotton is a bad conductor of heat, making it cool to wear.
      • How many variants does cotton have?
      • Cotton has many variants including cotton linen, cotton silk, cotton georgette, cotton satin, cotton chanderi, cotton flex, and many others.
      • Where can I use cotton fabric?
      • Cotton can be ideally used for everyday clothing as well as heavy designer wear
      • What goes well with Cotton Fabric?
      • Cotton Fabric can be paired along with a wide range of fabrics ranging from Linen & Satins to Organza and Chiffons making it a very versatile fabric.
      • How to maintain it for the long run?
      • Wash it with hand or with cold water in the washing machine. Do wash it inside out especially if it is screen printed or decorated. Do not dry your cotton cloth in direct sunlight.