Behind the making of the most loved masks in India

From the talented hands to your unique hands: Dive into the making of cotton linen masks !

What you see in your hand is a bundle of comfortable face masks in mesmerising colours made with love by our team of 70 talented craftsmen who brings our vision into reality to keep you safe in style during these times, but what actually goes behind the scenes to create the masks you love ?  



1. The dreamy dyeing step 

We aim to offer you as many colors as possible, so our design team makes every effort to introduce you to new colors every season, leading to the first process of dyeing. The fabric is mill dyed in the collections’ selected colors and sent to climb the next step of this ladder.

2. Fuel the fusing: Your safety is our utmost priority !

In this step, the additional layer of safety is added to the pure cotton linen fabric. Our triple-layered mask's additional layer is a non-woven 25 GSM fabric fused together with the other two layers of cotton linen. 



Interesting fact - The fusing method is vastly used in the fabric industry for interlining purpose

3. Its drawing time !

Once the fusing step is completed, the cotton-linen fabric is then placed flat on the table and here is where our vision takes the first step to become a reality. Our “Master” who is the stitching head, draws each mask’s shape on the fabric. 

Fun fact: approximately with 1 meter of fabric, around 12-13 masks can be made

4. Cue the cut 

Once all the drawing is laid out on the table, it is time to cut each of these masks using a cutting machine. It takes around 4 cuttings of the cotton linen fabric to create a single mask. 

5. Stitching  

This is where the magic takes place! Our team of skilled artisans brings these masks to life. 

With precision and attention to detail, each of our mask is hand-stitched, attached with super soft elastic ear loops and handcrafted with all the love, warmth and comfort for you to hold it in your hands soon and wear them in style. 



Did you know ? A single craftsman can make around 100 - 120 masks in a single day !

6. The final finish

The last step where all the masks are ironed for a crisp and fresh feeland all necessary sanitisation measures are taken during this step along with the quality check of each piece to ensure the best reaches your hands.  

And Voila, your most loved fabric pandit masks are ready !


Fabric Pandit empowers talented craftsmen from Surat and around the country. Our team of 70 craftsmen hail from India looking for opportunities and has a keen eye to bring our vision to reality. We aim to provide a livelihood to our team of craftsmen. Like you have a smile on your face, our craftsmen also have a smile on their face when they handcraft a mask with all their love during these trying times and a heartfelt gratitude to each one of them for making these triple-layered cotton linen masks; that you wear today! 

Click here to get your hands on our handcrafted triple layered pure cotton linen masks today! 

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