Why do we use Cotton Linen in our masks

Cotton Linen

We have manufactured a special fabric blend using Pure Cotton and Linen. This blend is specially made for our masks and has some very amazing properties which helps make these masks a perfect daily wear, keeping in mind Protection, Comfort and ofcouse Style !

About Linen

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics around; fragments have been found from as far back as 8,000 B.C., and for much of mankind’s history, it was the cloth most often used for home textiles and apparel. Made from the flax plant, linen is generally acknowledged to have a number of properties that make it ideal for both uses, including strength, absorbency and the ability to keep cool or warm depending on the conditions. Linen also gets softer the more it is used and washed.

Amazing Properties of Linen

Natural Antiseptic

This important property of flax fabric distinguishes it from other natural fibers.  Anciently known that abrasion under a linen bandage heals much faster. Contained in flax material - silica - prevents the growth of bacteria, suppresses harmful microflora, acting as natural anti-virus, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent.

Excellent Thermostat 

Natural flax fiber is indispensable for any season. On hot days, a product made of linen creates a cooling effect - the temperature between its surface and the skin stays a few degrees cooler. During cold weather, linen preserves heat and allows you to warm up quicker.

High Absorbability & Permeability 

Flax fibre is capable of rapidly absorbing large amounts of water - up to a quarter of its own weight, while air gaps between the fibers, allowing the skin to breathe and contributes to a comfortable sleep.

Long Lasting 

Flax fabric is known to be 3 times stronger then cotton. Egyptian Mummies have been found wrapped in linens, proving this fabric stands the true test of time.

 Sources - https://wholesomelinen.com/ 

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